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Specially prepared for the new Christian believer to study many of the basic principles of the Christian faith.

Also excellent material to refresh important foundational principles.

Can also be used in Church cell-groups, fire-groups or discussion-groups.

To the student: Important words have been explained in the margin of each lesson.

Each lesson comes witha action arrows to indicate areas to which the student can give extra attention.

Each lesson or topic have a unique memory verse and prayer that sums up the topic you are studying.

Christian Life's First Christian Steps Series have twenty-one topics or lessons presented in three volumes of eight pages each.

All the material is used with permission. Manny thanks to Prof. Paul Banting of Christian Life / Calvary Academics / University of Calvary.

As you study the Word of God your entire life will be transformed from glory to glory.
The Word is Spirit and Life and have the capability to save your soul.
Choose to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and overcome the old-natures battles in your mind.
Choose to reflect on the character of Jesus Christ as you study the Word and impact people's lives with the Gospel of Grace.