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Suggested Reading -

Personal leadership, success, excellence, selling, unique wiring, second chances


           How to Think                                 Personal Success                        Develop Excellence                      How to Sell - Selling 101                 L E M O N Leadership                  Our Iceberg is Melting

Leadership, sales, habits, priorities, marriage, unique design     



   Our Iceberg is Melting                   The One Minute Sales Person      Habits: Personal Workbook                      The Jesus Priorities                         Boundaries for Marriage                   Destined to Reign

 Winning-motivation, trusting, spiritual impact, mind trouble, change, approval problems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


           Born to win                                The Speed of Trust                        Changes That Heal                       Battlefiend of the Mind                      The Heavenly Man                           the APPOVAL fix


 Enjoying life, rescue, healing, spiritual power, resisting the enemy, life in the spirit        



    Believe in Yourself                       Rescue your Love Life                       Changes That Heal                      Secrets to Spiritual Power                   Engagement Marketing                      Walk in the Spirit

  God's favor, positive kids, make a difference, receive by giving, change to heal, importance of boundaries 



       Unmerited Favor                             Raising Positive kids                     The Difference Maker                   How to get what you want                       Changes that heal                  Boundaries. When to say Yes / No

  Leadership laws, your life today, your private world, heart of change, God's way, importance of endings 


  21 LAWS OF Leadership                    Make Today Count                    Ordering your private world                   Heart of Change                      God's way is still the best way                   Necessary Endings

Worship priority, worthwhile dream, powerful quotes, fail and learn, habits that will change you, vision


      W O R S H I P                       Put your DREAM to the Test          Great Quotes from ZigZiglar                      Failing Forward                                   The 8th Habit                              See you at the TOP

PowerThought on Leadership

                                              “Handle the challenge of change well, and you can prosper greatly. Handle it poorly, and you put yourself and other to risk”

  John Kotter, Holger Rathgerber  / Our Iceberg is Melting

More on Leadership - John C. Maxwell  

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